Fall Show

2020-2021 Fall Show: The Giver

Performance dates: February 12, and 13

Rehearsals are Mondays and Tuesdays 2:30-4

Meeting: 818 7936 5579

Pass code: Giver

Google Classroom code: wpqiu35

Show Memes!

Feel free to send me Giver related memes. They will be posted here

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Show Forms

Production Team

Director: Laurissa Handy

Assistant Director: Sophia Martinez

Stage Manager: Samuel Ruiz-Macias

Assistant Stage Manager: Bella Catania

Costume Lead: Moss Durant

House Lead: Elijah Andrada

Set Lead: Sinai Rocha

Tech Lead: Clark Roelse

Props Lead: Adam Gastelum



Jonas- Griffin Duncan

Understudy- Karan Mann

Old Man, The Giver- Charles Salanitro

Mother- Lucy Marashian

Father- Alejandro Morales

Lily- Savannah Morgan

Asher- Anthony Salvador

Fiona- Sayuri Soto

Understudy- Penelope Freeman

Larissa- Taylor Lopez

Chief Elder- Carolina Lee

Ensemble- Rachel Parkes, Sam Morales, Cara Davis

Note- all understudies are cast in the ensemble and will be performing in the ensemble unless asked to step into the parts. No understudy is guaranteed a performance as the character they are understudying.


            Costume Crew

  • Natalia Aguirre
  • McKenna Black
  • Becky Montes Lara
  • Elizabeth Pineda

            Props Crew

  • Heidy Gonzalez
  • Azusena Mijangos

            Set Crew

  • Lykamae Alacar
  • Octavia Burns
  • Violet Puentes
  • Fiona Wanless

            Tech Crew

  • Cidra Chang