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May 16 May 20

Schedule for the Week

Monday- EVEN
Tuesday- ODD
Wednesday- EVEN
Thursday- ODD


1- Debate case DUE

Students will turn in their debate cases and flow


label: 7/your names/aff OR neg case

2- Survive Forensics page

Students will choose any topic relating to Forensics about how to survive a competition season. Students will create an advice page on how to manage that topic. Pages must be creative, colorful and fun.

Due Thursday, June 2 by 11:59 PM


label: 7/your name/survive forensics

3- Original Prose and Poetry

Students will write their own story. We will do a quick write activity based on names and students will write a story about that character. Students will get 3 peer edits on their story. Use google docs.

Label: 7/your name/ opp rough draft

send to:

OPP rough draft and peer edits due Friday, May 27 by 11:59 PM