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Intro to Theatre

April 11 April 14

Weekly Schedule


Tuesday- Odd

Wednesday- Even

Thursday- Odd

Friday- Even

Tony Tuesday

Guys and Dolls

Analysis 2 due: Wed, May 31

Tony-Tuesday-response Download

Intro to Theatre

Friday- SUB DAY 4th period- I am working the FUSD Theatre festival today. Today is a work day on your monologue. No reason for you to work with or talk to anyone.

Monologue work: text analysis, research, beats, chunks, character analysis, rehearse. Or you can work on your Tony Tuesday.

1- Monologues

Students will analyze their monologue for text analysis and author requirements. All analysis into google doc. Will be doing check ins with Hibler.

2- Beats/Chunks

Students will beat and chunk their monologue

3- Blocking

Students will work with Hibler on blocking their monologue