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March 7 March 11

Schedule for the Week

Monday- EVEN
Tuesday- ODD
Wednesday- EVEN
Thursday- ODD

Tony Tuesday

Watch Hadestown

Read Tony Tuesday assignment, you can choose to complete it on this week’s choice. Or you can wait for another week. You may turn in the assignment any time during Semester 1. Only one response is required even if you are in two Theatre classes. DUE Wednesday, June 1. NO EXCEPTIONS

Tony Tuesday response Download


1- Sandy Character Mockup- Due Friday, March 11 by 11:59 PM

Designers will finish their Sandy mockup and turn in research and mockup.

Turn in options:


Hard copy: turn in mockup in the black filer

Digital: take a pic of your mockup and include it at the end of your research document


label- period/your name/sandy research

send to-

2- Grease Male Character Assignment

Designers will be given a new mockup assignment and must complete it on their own in class. Due Friday, March 18

Designers can choose ANY male character from Grease to design. You will design ONE costume of your choosing from any scene in the show. Assignment includes: research document and mockup

Research document

label- period/your name/character name research

send to-