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October 10 October 13

Monday- NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday- ODD

Wednesday- EVEN

Thursday- ODD

Friday- EVEN

Tony Tuesday

Fiddler on the Roof

Analysis 1 due: Dec 6 by 11:59 PM

Analysis 2 due: May 29 by 11:59 PM

Tony Tuesday response Download


1- Accents- RP English tongue twister

Students will continue to learn how to do a proper English accent. Students will memorize a tongue twister, you can use the one you learned last year if you choose. Students must rewrite their tongue twister phonetically to speak in an RP British accent. Code, beat and chunk for the English accent

2- Tongue Twister

Students will work on their tongue twister in their regular accent for correct enunciation and pronunciation. Tongue twister must be memorized.

How to Do a British Accent Download

3- Perform tongue twister- correct enunciation, regular accent

Students will perform their tongue twister with correct enunciation