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04/13/2021 04/16/2021

Schedule for the Week

Tuesday- ODD
Wednesday- EVEN
Thursday- ODD
Friday- EVEN

Tony Tuesday

Theatre 1/2

1- Monologue response assignment

  • Find 3 published monologues to read and analyze.
  • Write a one to two page response discussing the 3 monologues you read.
  • Due Friday, April 16, by 11:59 PM
  • label period/your name/monologue response
  • send to
  • response style required
  • article response directions
  • limit 1 song

Response question: Discuss the 3 monologues you read. Cite authors and titles as you discuss each monologue. Which monologue did you like the most? Why? Did you dislike a monologue? Why? Discuss possible characters who could be speaking. Discuss the themes of each monologue, are they effective?

Here are a few links of monologue databases to help you find monologues:


2- Character Analysis- physical choices

  • Every character, just like people, move differently. We will discuss the four body leads to help you make physical choices for character. We will use the characters from Fast Car and Lemon Sky.
  • Lemon Sky monologue
  • Fast Car monologue

Body Leads: Head, Chest, Stomach, Leg