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06/01/2021 06/04/2021

Schedule for the Week

Tuesday- ODD
Wednesday- EVEN
Thursday- ODD
Friday- EVEN

Tony Tuesday

Watch Jesus Christ Superstar clip

Read Tony Tuesday assignment, you can choose to complete it on Jesus Christ Superstar . This is the last week of Tony Tuesday you can write about. Complete the assignment. Due June 11

Tony Tuesday response

article response directions

Theatre 1/2

1- Record Performance Monologue video
Students will record themselves performing their monologue include your slate. Drop your head at the end to signify your monologue is complete.

Add slate: your name, age, title and author of monologue

2- Performance Monologue Video DUE June 11 by 4 PM

Send video to:

label email period/your name/monologue performance

Video requirements:

wear blacks

hair pulled back, off face

no light behind you

centered in the frame

gestures above waist

see actor from waist up

2- Character Analysis Worksheet DUE June 11 by 4 PM
Every character has a complete backstory. Every actor needs to do research to determine every aspect of their character’s life. Complete the worksheet on your monologue character

3- Monologue Text DUE June 11 by 4 PM

Turn in the work you completed on your monologue text

Name, age, gender, 3 adjectives


Emotion Journey


4- Character Backstory DUE June 11 by 4 PM

On your own paper write a one-page character history using the pronouns “I” and “me” as you tell me your life’s history that led to this moment of the monologue.


You will attach each element of the assignment in ONE email.

List of items in the email:

1- Monologue video performance with slate

2- Character Analysis

3- Character Backstory

4- Monologue Text (unless you already sent it, do not need to include)

Send to:

label email: period/your name/monologue performance assignment

DUE by 4 PM on June 11, NO EXCEPTIONS. You can turn in the entire assignment any time between now and June 11.