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April 6 April 9

Schedule for the Week

Tuesday- ODD
Wednesday- EVEN
Thursday- ODD
Friday- EVEN

Tony Tuesday

Theatre 1/2

1- Character analysis on 2 monologues

  • Name (first and last), gender, age, 3 adjectives
  • Where, when
  • Create backstory using text analysis
  • Every character has answers to every question

2- Read monologues in character

3- Monologue response assignment

  • Find 3 published monologues to read and analyze.
  • Write a one to two page response discussing the 3 monologues you read.
  • Due Friday, April 16, by 11:59 PM
  • label period/your name/monologue response
  • send to
  • response style required
  • article response directions
  • limit 1 song

Response question: Discuss the 3 monologues you read. Cite authors and titles as you discuss each monologue. Which monologue did you like the most? Why? Did you dislike a monologue? Why? Discuss possible characters who could be speaking. Discuss the themes of each monologue, are they effective?

Here are a few links of monologue databases to help you find monologues: