2021-2022 Team Captains

Alejandro Morales

Dixie Parker


Weekly Forensics Rehearsals: Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30, room 91

NSDA links


Forensics Google Classroom


Forensics code: bvuzi6d


Written Response format requirements

Every written assignment you turn in MUST meet these requirements totaling 40 points of your final grade.

written response directions



Forensics Assignments

Check here for the downloadable documents for each assignment. You can click on the corresponding week on the calendar for each week’s work.






forensics vocab 

stage diagram

4n6 vocab week 1

4n6 vocab Week 2

4n6 vocab week 3

4n6 vocab week 4

4n6 vocab week 5

4n6 vocab week 6

4n6 vocab week 7

4n6 vocab week 8

4n6 vocab week 9