Mission Statement: The Roosevelt Theatre Company is, first and foremost, a LEARNING LAB.  We believe STUDENTS can and will lead Production and Design under the mentorship and guidance of Industry Professionals. RTC is about taking risks, making fearless choices, and training life-long artists. RTC is about experiencing how the professional theatre industry operates in each of its sectors. RTC values leadership, accountability, teamwork, responsibility, and creativity in a safe and supportive environment.


Handbook: Handbook

All Company members are expected to download the Handbook for easy reference.


2023-2024 Season Announcement

We are proud to announce our 2023-2024 Season!







Cabaret                                          Sept 29

The Book of Will                              Oct 26-Nov 4

The Final Rose and Cabaret              Dec 8-9

Cabaret                                          Jan 26

Cinderella                                       March 7-17

Senior One Acts                              April 25-27


Due to unforeseen issues, we have made the decision to cancel our TYA show this year. 



Season Audition information

All auditions take place in the Little Theater at Roosevelt


Senior One Acts

Monday March 11 at 4 PM

Tuesday March 12 5 PM


Online Ticket sales and websites

RTC is excited to announce we are now online for ticket sales and merchandise. Use the websites and QR codes to buy tickets and gear for your shows.

Tickets for all shows are $5 online and $7 at the door



Cinderella by Rodgers and Hammerstein (Concord)           March 7-17 



Digital Program:

pages 1 and 28 cover and crew

pages 2 and 27 schedule and RSA info

pages 3 and 26 madelines ad and cast list

pages 4 and 25 prod team and crew bios V-W

pages 5 and 24 from directors and pit and crew bios R-S

pages 6 and 23 advisor note and crew bios M-RA

pages 7 and 22 thank you and crew bios LE-LO

pages 8 and 21 audra and crew bios J-LA

pages 9 and 20 frsa and crew bios F-J

pages 10 and 19 cast bios A-B and crew bios A-C

pages 11 and 18 cast bios V-W and A-C

pages 12 and 17 cast bios D-G and S-T

pages 13 and 14 cast bios P-R and G-J

pages 15 and 16 joel and cast bios M

Thursday, March 7, School matinee, 9:30 AM, sing along and dress up

      Ella- Jocelyn, Topher- Daniel, Marie- Sophie

Friday, March 8, Opening, 7 PM

     Ella- Lily, Topher- Kira, Marie- Sayuri

Saturday, March 9, Matinee 2 PM

     Ella- Lily, Topher- Kira, Marie- Sayuri

Saturday, March 9, Evening 7 PM

     Ella- Jocelyn, Topher- Daniel, Marie- Sophie

Sunday, March 10, Matinee 2 PM, sing along and dress up

     Ella- Lily, Topher- Kira, Marie- Sayuri

Tuesday, March 12, School matinee, 9:30 AM, dress up and sing along

     Ella- Jocelyn, Topher- Daniel, Marie- Sophie

Thursday, March 14, Understudy show, 7 PM

     Ella- Lily, Topher- Kira, Marie- Sayuri

Friday, March 15, Evening, 7 PM

     Ella- Jocelyn, Topher- Daniel, Marie- Sophie

Saturday, March 16, Matinee 2 PM, sing along and dress up

     Ella- Lily, Topher- Kira, Marie- Sayuri

Saturday, March 16, Evening, 7 PM

     Ella- Jocelyn, Topher- Daniel, Marie- Sophie

Sunday, March 17, Closing Matinee, 2 PM

     Ella- Jocelyn, Topher- Daniel, Marie- Sophie

Senior One Acts          April 25-27   

April 25, 7 PM: Home at Six and The Play’s the Thing

April 26, 7 PM: Simply Maria and Lily

April 27, 2 PM: Simply Maria and Lily

April 27, 7 PM: Home at Six and The Play’s the Thing



From the directors:

The Play’s the Thing by Peter Pitt (Off the Wall Plays)

RP English accent expected and required



Simply Maria or the American Dream by Josefina Lopez (Dramatic Publishing)


Home at Six by Lee Falk (Dramatists)

  • -WOP 1952 London, England

  • -RP British accent expected and required

  • -Marge/Tim need child-like behavior

  • Tim’s age is 13

  • Marge’s age is 14

Lily by Annalise Dealba

Lily is talented, pretty, and kind. She is noticed by all and has bright plans for her future. Her best friend, Beth, has always been supportive, but over the years she grows jealous of Lily . The love she had for her friend soon fades and obsession and envy grow. Beth finally snaps and makes a deadly decision which changes their friendship forever.

Lily’s song

2 actors needed



Show Media

Please DO NOT share videos on social media. 

The Final Rose





Book of Will





Something Rotten




Understudy rehearsal video


Closing night Main cast video