Written Response format requirements

Every written assignment you turn in MUST meet these requirements totaling 40 points of your final grade. I reserve the right to not grade any assignment not meeting these requirements.



Theatre 1 Assignments

Check here for the downloadable documents for each assignment. You can click on the corresponding week on the calendar for each week’s work.

Tony Tuesday 


Analysis 2 due: Wed, May 31


Greek Theatre

script analysis 50 points

google doc- 100 points

research the play and write all notes/blocking in script


Monologue- The Sister

The Sister script analysis 50 points

chunk/beat script 20 points

Code script 10 points

Read aloud 50 points


Monologue- choose a monologue 



stage diagram

Vocab Week 1

Vocab Week 2

Vocab Week 3

Vocab Week 4

Vocab Week 5

Vocab Week 6

Vocab Week 7

Vocab Week 8

Vocab Week 9

Vocab Week 10