Written Response format requirements

Every written assignment you turn in MUST meet these requirements totally 40 points of your final grade.



Tony Tuesday 

Analysis 1 due: Dec 6 by 11:59 PM

Analysis 2 due: May 29 by 11:59 PM

Tony Tuesday response


Syllabus/Contract/Handbook- Due first week on Block day

Class Syllabus


Theatre contractDownload

RTC Handbook

Handbook Download


Article 1 response

Students will read and article together as a class and write a response to the question. Students will learn how to code their script and brainstorm for an analysis response. Students will write their response in class and format together. Due block day. Students can write their response on either hard copy by hand or on google docs.

Share: rachel.hibler@therhsriders.com

label: period/your name/article 1 response

Actors Toolkit

Students will review the items in the Actors Toolkit to be prepared for the year


face mockup

Actor Preparedness Kit 

Theatre Etiquette

Slate assignment

Students will review slating and prepare a slate for performance

How to Slate in an Audition

Slating assignment

Slating rubric

Meisner/Adler Unit

meisner adler directionsDownload


Meisner/Adler vocab Week 2


Meisner Technique Activity

MEISNER-TECHNIQUE-reacting-and-preparation-activity Download

Adler Technique Activity

Accents- RP English tongue twister

Students will learn how to do a proper English accent. Students will memorize a tongue twister, you can use the one you learned last year if you choose. Students must rewrite their tongue twister phonetically to speak in an RP British accent.

Accents- RP English scene

Students will work with a partner on using an RP British accent in a scene.