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Written Response format requirements

Every written assignment you turn in MUST meet these requirements totally 40 points of your final grade.

written response directions


Stagecraft  Assignments

Check here for the downloadable documents for each assignment. You can click on the corresponding week on the calendar for each week’s work.


Week of Aug 30-Sep 2

1- Quarter 1 Article Response Assignment DUE Oct 6. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Article 1: “The Future by Design” by Kate Morgan

Response question: Citing the article as evidence, discuss the impact digital media has had on designing shows. In addition to the impact, discuss your opinion on digital media, do you believe it improves or distracts from traditional painted sets and shows?

Article 2: “What I’ve Learned as an Actor who also Does Crew” by TheatreNerds

Response question: Citing the article as evidence, discuss the author’s experiences as a backstage crew member. Choose one of the jobs the author cites and discuss how it changed their perspective on theatre in general.


Week of Sept 6-10

1- Q1 Design Research Project DUE Friday, Sept 10 by 11:59 PM



Week of Dec 13-17

Tony Tuesday response DUE Wednesday, Dec 16

Tony Tuesday response