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November 27 December 1

Monday- Traditional Meeting

Tuesday- ODD

Wednesday- EVEN

Thursday- ODD

Friday- EVEN

Tony Tuesday

MJ The Musical

Analysis 1 due: Dec 6 by 11:59 PM

Analysis 2 due: May 29 by 11:59 PM

Tony Tuesday response Download


1- Dressing Room design

Students will learn how to use their design concepts to create a cute design for a dressing room. Designers will design one makeup station for a character from The Final Rose. Create a google doc with pictures and designs.

2- Pitch- Wednesday and Friday
Designers will perform their design pitches in class. Designers must discuss their complete designs to the class as though they are pitching to a director. Designers can present in any format they wish. We will pitch to the class next week.

Pitch Presentations must include:
Design statement
Mock ups
Pulls- one male and one female
A verbal defense and pitch of your designs, sell your design to us

3- Final Rose– designs due Friday by 11:59 PM
Students will turn in their Final Rose designs on Friday. Designers will turn in hard copies and digital copies.
Complete designs must include:


Google doc with all research and notes
Design Statement

Pics of Pulls- one male and one female

Costume Plot

Hard copies:

Script coded
Mock ups

2 measurement reports: male and female