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01/08/2024 01/12/2024

Monday- Traditional meeting

Tuesday- Traditional

Wednesday- Traditional

Thursday- ODD

Friday- EVEN

Tony Tuesday

Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder

Analysis 2 due: May 29 by 11:59 PM

Tony Tuesday response Download


1- Cinderella prep

Designers will listen to Izzy’s design and begin dividing up the show and work that needs to be done. Each designer will have a job on this show to complete during class. We will review Izzy’s costume plot and discuss all costume changes and needs of the show. Designers will need to do some research for their costumes, especially if builds are necessary.

2- Cinderella pulling

Designers will go to stock and begin pulling items we need for their part in the show. Measurements will be provided some time this week. Each costumer will know who they are dressing and begin to make contact with that actor.

3- Stock day

Friday is stock day. Come dressed ready to work in our stock

Costumer Assignments

LioFox, Raccoon, EnsembleKarine, Eliese, Toaens: ensemble
AnnaliseEnsembleSelf, Jocelyn (ens)us: understudy
EllarieElla, EnsembleSelf, Noah/Jocelyn, AJ (ens)name/name: doubled (in both casts)
SamJean-Michel, EnsembleXavier, Self (us), Vyni, Noah(ens)
KatelynMadame, EnsembleCharlotte, AJ (us), Percy
LindaCharlotte, EnsembleAmaya, Isela (us), Milo (ens)
TylerGabrielle, EnsembleZoey, Shaw (us), Vivian
LeoKnightsShaw, Vivian, Kira/Daniel, Percy, Toa, Rin
NadiaTopher, EnsembleKira/Daniel
CiennaSebastian, EnsembleRobert, Nathan (us), Isela (ens)
LilyMarie, EnsembleSophie/Sayuri, Rin
AlexiPinkleton, EnsembleBriana, Milo (us), Shaw (ens)
BrianaEnsembleSophie (ens) Sayuri (ens)

Design Statement

Power Point designs

Cast List

Entrances and Exits Plot