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One Acts

March 29 March 31

All called Wednesday and Friday for first read throughs

3/29 First read/character work Sophia/Juan/Jonas

3/30 NO CALL, go see PA singers perform!

3/31 First read/character work- Logan/Nick

Show Business

1- Complete the conflict list by Friday, April 7. Any conflicts turned in after that date CANNOT be honored.

2- All casts are to get off book during Spring Break and ready to block when they return

3- Join the One Act Remind

Send a text to: 81010 message to send: @8d97fc

4- Show Communication

Your Director will have their SM set up a group text for communication. Ensure your accurate number is given to your SM. Sophia will use Remind for her cast communication. Please join the Remind

12 Incompetent Men Remind

Cast and crew of this show join the Remind

Send a text to: 81010 message to send: @8dd3gc

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Character Analysis

12 Incompetent Men

Foreman: 54-60; Jolly, Simple, Compassionate
Two: 27-33; Nervous, Shameful, Meek
Three: 34-38; Sensible, Self-Righteous, Insufferable
Four: 18-20; Apathetic, Grim, Cynical
Five: 33-40: Controlling, Passive-Aggressive, Narcissist (Working on it)
Six: 22; Naïve, Bipolar, Dramatic
Seven: 25-29; Depressed, Manipulative, Hopeful
Eight: 31-35: Suave, Nihilistic, Mean
Nine: 44-49; Creepy, Intense, Unbothered
Ten: 50-54: Temperamental, Violent, Opinionated
Eleven: 24-27; Quick, Dumb, Showey
Twelve: 40-45: Optimistic, Extroverted, Confused

The Butleress

Tamara: Theatre Drama Queen, big Queen or rather she wishes she was one. 38 age and pace of 4.  

Charlotte:  Tried and failed for many years to succeed at acting in the big apple; hides her insecurities behind a wall of diva-ness. Snazzy. Age 28 pace 5.  

Marjorie: Age 22, English intern at a local boarding school. English accent. She is about flexibility and adaptability. Pace of 6 

Katharine: 23, a wife who married young and has been passively wondering whether she chose the right life. Pace of 5 

Living in Oblivion

Thomas Reve- Age 27 / Color: Blue / Male / Self-Motivated, Frantic, Regretful / Pace 5 

Tom is a film director with big dreams of success. He’s fought hard to be where he is, and knows this next movie has to be good. He’s not a natural born leader, and has faced plenty of skepticism. He wants to be successful in part to prove these skeptics wrong.

Nicole Swanson- Age 35 / Color: Green / Female / Lonely, Strong, Passionate / Pace 3

Nicole is an actress who has been trying to break into the industry for a few years and is starting to get discouraged. She probably doesn’t have many friends, so she wears this melancholy on both shoulders. This doesn’t stop her from speaking her mind when she needs to, and helping those who need it.

Wolf- Age 32 / Color: Black / Male / Narcissistic, Artistic, Immature / Pace 3

Always aims to impress, but is too prideful to admit it. An experienced DOP, Wolf does his job well, but he always wants people to look his way. He believes in himself more than anyone else, and can seem rude often. Has the emotional maturity of a teenager, and provides comic relief.

Wanda- Age 28 / Color: Brown / Female / Impatient, Controlling, Tightly-Wound / Pace 6

Loves to be in control. She can’t believe she has to work with these people, but she doesn’t necessarily dislike any of them. With a one-track mind, all she wants is to finish the job so she can get out of there.

Chad Palomino- Age 35 / Color: White / Arrogant, Inconsiderate, Indecisive / Pace 2

Over the top egomaniac. As the most successful person on set, Chad sees himself as the main character of everyone’s life. Was probably granted success because of his family name. While not completely talentless, it’s frustrating to see someone with so much general ignorance in such a good position.

Cora – Age 61 / Color: Purple / Exhausted, Grounded, Stern / Pace 1

A worn out, but assertive woman. As an actress who’s been there and done this more than a few times, she doesn’t like to take orders from anyone. Her motivations are clear and self-centered, and she probably could care less about the success of this movie.

Lydia Reve- Age 72 / Color: Rainbow / Gleeful, Personable, Emotional / Pace 4

Aggressively supportive and blissfully oblivious to most things. The oldest of the characters, Tom’s mother lives in an old folks home and tries to stay out of trouble, but just can’t seem to keep out. She loves her son more than anything, and she makes this very apparent very often.

Speedo- Age 39 / Color: Yellow / Hard-Working, Dependable, Private / Pace 3

A delightfully simple man. We don’t know much about Speedo, but he’s always there on set, doing his duty. We don’t know if he loves his job or not, but we do know that he is very hungry.

The Trysting Place

Mrs. Curtis

Age: 27, Pace: 4

Adjectives: confident, impulsive (lives in the moment), preoccupied

Lancelot Briggs

Age: 19, Pace: 5-6

Adjectives: youthful, excitable, adamant

Mrs. Briggs

Age: 50, Pace: 4

Adjectives: Snotty, self-centered, emotional

Jessie Briggs

Age: 21, Pace: 4

Adjectives: Snotty, confident, passionate

Rupert Smith

Age: 25, Pace: 3

Adjectives: Humble, passionate, nervous

Mr. Ingoldsby

Age: 57, Pace: 2 

Adjectives: Timid, witty, simple

Mysterious Voice

Age: Kohlruss, Pace: Kohlruss

Adjectives: Kohlruss

Amster- Dang  

Lisa R- pace 4,7, age 53, fake, fabulous, silly

Kim R- pace 4,7, age 52, serious, loud, straight forward

Kyle R- pace 4,7, age 50, emotional, friendly, reactive

Eileen D- pace 4, 7, age 55, petty, icy, loyal

Yolanda H- pace 4, 7, age 52, classy, friendly, sophisticated