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RSA- Directors

August 22 August 26

Weekly Schedule:

Monday- Traditional Meeting

Tuesday- Traditional

Wednesday- Traditional

Thursday- Traditional

Friday- Traditional

Tony Tuesday


Analysis 1 due: Wed, Dec 7

Analysis 2 due: Wed, May 31

Tony-Tuesday-response Download

RSA- Directors

1- Meet as a Directors group to discuss the week’s plan.

Week objectives: begin checking in your casts verbally, teach warm ups and circle games to your casts, choose a short scene the Computech actors can work on with you while I work with the Theatre 1 students.

Be sure to give me time to teach the stage locations and article responses. This can be entire class periods or parts of periods, your choice. If you want time with your casts every day, that is fine.

Begin reading one acts in preparation for your shows.

2- Casts lists

On Monday you will begin checking in your casts verbally. Here are your casts.

Logan and Abby, Bella is wanting to expand her Stage Manager training so she has been assigned to you as an SM, not necessarily an actor. If she wants to do some acting, she certainly can. But please focus her work on stage management. I will give you more direction and support as you work on your scene for her training.

3- Vocab

Stage locations. Students will learn the 9 planes on a stage. I will give the lecture to Theatre 1. Please review stage locations with your casts often.

stage-diagram Download

4- Article 1 response

Students will learn all writing requirements. We will read an article together, annotate and write a response in class. Due when we finish together in class.