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RSA- Directors

August 29 September 2

Weekly Schedule:

Monday- Traditional Meeting

Tuesday- ODD

Wednesday- EVEN

Thursday- ODD

Friday- EVEN

Tony Tuesday


Analysis 1 due: Wed, Dec 7

Analysis 2 due: Wed, May 31

Tony-Tuesday-response Download

RSA- Directors

1- Vocab

Stage locations review- Directors will review stage locations with their casts. Play games and have fun with it.

stage-diagram Download

2- Stage locations quiz

Students will be asked to identify the 9 planes on a stage and answer questions. Directors will be expected to help their casts during the quiz.

3- Improv introduction

Students will learn how to play improv games and think on their feet. Directors will be expected to run at least one game each. You may come prepared with your own game to teach.

5 Unbreakable Rules of Improv Download

Improv article Download

4- Article 1 response (If not finished)

Students will learn all writing requirements. We will read an article together, annotate and write a response in class. Due when we finish together in class.

written-response-directions Download

staging-a-takeover Download

article-1-takeover-response-directions Downloadstaging-a-takeoverDownload