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November 8 November 12

Schedule for the Week

Monday- EVEN
Tuesday- ODD
Wednesday- EVEN
Thursday- NO SCHOOL
Friday- ODD

Tony Tuesday

Watch Anything Goes

Read Tony Tuesday assignment, you can choose to complete it on this week’s choice. Or you can wait for another week. You may turn in the assignment any time during Semester 1. Only one response is required even if you are in two Theatre classes. DUE Wed Dec 16. NO EXCEPTIONS

Tony Tuesday response Download


1- Vocab Week 7

Vocabulary Download

Vocab Week 7Download

2- Intermission Design Project

Set-design-project-assignment Download

Students will work on their own to build their design for “Intermission.” All elements of the project are due by Friday, Dec 10.

Turn in:

send to:

label email: period/your name/assignment title

Coded script Log

Label: period/your name/Intermission Design Log

Log MUST include:

  • Costume
  • Props
  • Set
  • Lighting
  • Sound



Students will research 3 design elements: WOP, Set, and a crew of their choice (Props, Costume, Lights, Sound)

3 pics and 3 explanations for each element of research

Mock ups

Students will draw a mock up of their set design

Ground plan

Create a ground plan with all walls and furniture for your design

Scale Model

Build a scale model using cardstock for your set design. Must be in full color, include a measurement report. Model must have furniture.

scale-model-furniture Download

3- Q2 article homework

Article responses due Dec 9 by 11:59 PM. Students will read 3 articles and respond to 2.

Article 1: “Simplify your Set Design” by George F. Ledo

Response question: Citing the article as evidence, discuss what you believe are the two most important considerations when designing an impactful set while also telling a story and honoring author’s intent.

Article 2: “Read, Render, Realize” by Christopher Dills

Response question: Citing the article as evidence, discuss what you believe are the two most important parts of the process a set designer uses to go from script to performance.

Article 3: “How to Talk Design” by Sean O’Skea

Response question: Citing the article as evidence, discuss what you believe are the best ways a set designer can promote and defend their set design to a director while also being a collaborative member of the Production Team.


RSA Recruitment Information

If you are considering transferring to Roosevelt School of the Arts as a freshman, here is all the information you need!

We offer classes in:

  • Drama – a 4 year program
  • Improvisation
  • Stagecraft – 3 levels
  • Costuming – 3 levels
  • Band
  • AP Music Theory
  • Orchestra – beginning/intermediate and Symphonic Orchestra (advanced)
  • Percussion (has a separate percussion specialist as the teacher)
  • Latin Jazz
  • Mariachi
  • Piano I and II
  • Guitar – beginning and advanced
  • Choir – Mixed, Chamber, Advanced Women’s, and Performing Arts Singers
  • Video Production/Videography
  • Folklorico – 6 sections (2 beginning, 2 intermediate, 2 advanced)
  • Dance Exploration (units on various types of dance)
  • Tap – beginning, intermediate, advanced
  • Jazz (dance) – beginning, intermediate, advanced
  • Ballet – beginning, intermediate, advanced
  • Hip Hop – Level 1 and Level 2
  • Hmong dance
  • Colorguard
  • Theatre Movement – beginning and advanced

Visual Arts classes include:

  • Art I and II
  • Photo I and II
  • AP Art
  • AP Art 2D
  • 3D Design
  • Ceramics I and II

2022-23-Transfer-Request-English Download

2022-23-Printable-Transfer-Request-Hmong Download

2022-23-Printable-Transfer-Request-Spanish Download