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May 4 May 7

Schedule for the Week

Tuesday- ODD
Wednesday- EVEN
Thursday- ODD
Friday- EVEN

Tony Tuesday

Watch Hairspray clip

Read Tony Tuesday assignment, you can choose to complete it on Hairspray or wait for another week

Tony Tuesday response

article response directions

Stagecraft 1/2

1- Costume Design Statement

We will discuss how to write a design statement in class. Statements must meet response expectations.

article response directions

Design Statement Requirements

1- Style: Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced, spelling and grammar correct

2- Page format: name, date, period at top right, indent paragraphs, page numbers

3- Content: describe your design and your reasons for your choices. Tell the director your design and why

4- At least one full page is required. Each part of the costume design gets its own paragraph.

2- Costume Design Assignment

Meet as a crew

Research the play- you should know everything about the show and all costume changes/requirements

Maybe watch the movie to help you get the idea for the story or read the play

Crew Leads

Write WOP design statement

What is the date of the show? exact date please not general time period

What is the location of the show? exact location (city, state, country)

What is the general feel of your show? Are there colors designers must use? Colors they cannot use?

How accurate to the time period?

How much audience expectation will we honor?


Research character designs

Start a research document for each character

at least 3 reference pics for each costume element

each pic has an explanation

Costume Design Assignment