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April 6 April 9

Schedule for the Week

Tuesday- ODD
Wednesday- EVEN
Thursday- ODD
Friday- EVEN

Tony Tuesday

Stagecraft 1/2

  • Sewing
    • Stuffing for your pillow. I will provide stuffing in class. Those students online can see differently stuffed pillows and determine how much stuffing they want.
    • Email me how much stuffing you want sent to you, include your mailing address
    • send email to, label period/your name/stuffing
  • Costume Design Assignment
  • Meet as a crew
    • Research the play- you should know everything about the show and all costume changes/requirements
    • Maybe watch the movie to help you get the idea for the story or read the play
  • Crew Leads
    • Write WOP design statement
    • What is the date of the show? exact date please not general time period
    • What is the location of the show? exact location (city, state, country)
    • What is the general feel of your show? Are there colors designers must use? Colors they cannot use?
    • How accurate to the time period?
    • How much audience expectation will we honor?
  • Crew
    • Research character designs
    • Start a research document for each character
      • at least 3 reference pics for each costume element
      • each pic has an explanation
  • Costume Design Assignment