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Theatre 1

October 16 October 20

Monday- Traditional Meeting

Tuesday- ODD

Wednesday- EVEN

Thursday- ODD

Friday- EVEN

Tony Tuesday

Billy Elliot

Analysis 1 due: Dec 6 by 11:59 PM

Analysis 2 due: May 29 by 11:59 PM

Tony Tuesday response Download

Theatre 1

1- Vocab week 5

Students will learn week 5 vocabulary

Vocabulary Download

2- Enunciation rehearsal

Students will continue to memorize their tongue twister and work on enunciation and pacing.

enunciation-projection-directions Download

3- Voice work

Students will work on voice exercises and warm ups

Taking-Care-of-Your-Voice Download

4- Tongue Twister performance

Students will perform their tongue twister with correct enunciation and pronunciation

enunication-rubric Download

5- Scene tracker

Students will learn how to track their characters for: set changes, props, costume changes

Set-tracker Download