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Theatre 1- RSA Freshmen

March 13 March 17

Weekly Schedule

Monday- Traditional

Tuesday- ODD

Wednesday- EVEN

Thursday- ODD

Friday- EVEN

Tony Tuesday

American Idiot

Analysis 2 due: Wed, May 31

Tony-Tuesday-response Download

Theatre 1- RSA Freshmen

1- Monologue final rehearsal

Students will finish monologue rehearsal- add slate and head bows

2- Monologue work due

All monologue work due the day you perform: character analysis, history, script analysis with beats and chunks, google doc


3- Monologue performance

Students will perform monologues in class on Thursday

4- Watch monologues

We will watch 2 monologues performed. We will watch them twice. Once for content and once for performance

Lord of the Rings- Gandalf

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Last of the Mohicans