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Theatre 1- RSA Freshmen

May 1 May 5

Weekly Schedule

Monday- Traditional Meeting

Tuesday- ODD

Wednesday- EVEN

Thursday- ODD

Friday- EVEN

Tony Tuesday


Analysis 2 due: Wed, May 31

Tony-Tuesday-response Download

Theatre 1- RSA Freshmen

1- “Sorry, Wrong Number” final rehearsal
All notes on google doc. All blocking on script
Directors will work with first years on scenes from “Sorry, Wrong Number”. Each group of directors will be given 3 pages of the script to stage and work with actors.

Kennedy/Abby pages 148-153
Juan/Logan/Avery pages 154-159
Nick/Sophia/Jonas pages 160-165

2- “Sorry, Wrong Number” performances

Students will perform their scenes with a focus on character work and stakes

3- “Sorry, Wrong Number” work due

Students will turn in:

script coded

Google doc