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Les Miserables

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten


Guys and Dolls

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The Outsiders

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

A Christmas Carol

Hysterical History of the Trojan War

Back to Summer

Cinderella and the Birkenstocks

The Weird, Wonderful Days of School

The Hysterical History of the Great Depression

Forensics Podcasts

Carolina performs an OI

Carolina gives you OO/OA tips

Carolina gives you Interp tips

Julia discusses stage and vocab

Julia performs Interp piece

Julia discusses vocabulary

Julia continues vocabulary

Junelly discusses OI

Junelly discusses tournaments

Junelly offers encouragement for this year

Junelly podcast 4

Ana discusses Expos boards

Ana performs EXPOS about “gross things”

Ana rehearses

Tessa performs OI

Tessa discusses judges and ballots

Tessa talks blocking

Samuel discusses introductions

Samuel performs his OA

Samuel talks comp etiquette

Cloe discusses DUO

Jaime discusses Impromptu

Jaime discusses writing OA

Eli discusses how to add humor to your speeches

Eli discusses adding voices to your characters

Eli performs HI

Eli tells you how to handle nerves and breaking

Sean discusses choosing pieces

Sean rehearses his piece

Sean tells you how to take feedback

Lynette discusses DI

Lynette discusses procrastination

Lynette discusses performance

Lynette performs her piece

Lynette talks topics

Forensics Comp Videos

Tessa OI

Junelly OI

Carolina OI

Cloe OI

Jaime OA

Eli OA

Samuel OA

Dixie OA

Eli HI

Jaime Impromptu 1

Jaime Impromptu 2

Jaime Impromptu 3

Eli DI

Lynette DI

Sean DI


Julia OPP