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May 9 May 13

Schedule for the Week

Monday- EVEN
Tuesday- ODD
Wednesday- EVEN
Thursday- ODD
Friday- ALL

Tony Tuesday

Watch Fun Home

Read Tony Tuesday assignment, you can choose to complete it on this week’s choice. Or you can wait for another week. You may turn in the assignment any time during Semester 1. Only one response is required even if you are in two Theatre classes. DUE Wednesday, June 1. NO EXCEPTIONS

Tony Tuesday response Download


1 Deconstruct a monologue

Students will read a monologue together in class and deconstruct all script requirements of the character. Students must write notes on the monologue script. Monologue deconstruction due Friday, May 13 by 11:59 PM

Lemon Sky monologue Download

2- Character analysis

Students will learn how to complete a character analysis worksheet on their characters. DUE Friday. May 13 by 11:59 PM


3- Choose a monologue to perform

Students have the option to perform either their original monologue or a published monologue. Students must choose their performance monologue by Friday, May 13 by 11:59. It must be approved before a student can begin memorizing or completing character analysis.

send to

label: period/your name/performance monologue

4- Ruin Childhood Lecture

Hibler will discuss characterization and motivation with students as we explore character analysis.

Monologue videos

The Princess Bride

The Last of the Mohicans

10 Things I hate about You

Little Women